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Darryl transformed his own health by adopting the ancestral model and has gone on to help others do the same through speaking, teaching and by becoming an author. He is also the founder of the primal play method specialising helping children from 4 to 94 get healthier, stronger and fitter.

Darryl Edwards, is the founder of Health Unplugged and owner of Fitness Explorer Training and author of Paleo Fitness and Paleo from A to Z. He loves to teach groups, conduct one-to-one training sessions and host seminars, focussing on Paleo/Primal/ancestral nutrition/fitness, bodyweight exercises, strength/conditioning and play. He says “I now believe that fitness is a journey, not a destination.  The process is equally if not more important than the result.  and goes on to say “Fitness is not a type of gym class, quick-fix supplement, elitist regime or a prescribed list of activities”

According to Darryl these may help us to get ‘fitter’ but not fit.  Fitness is not about form, i.e. how good one looks.  It’s about function: meaning the ability to perform everyday and occasional extraordinary tasks efficiently and effectively.  It includes being fit in the mind and body, and is ultimately about health and well-being.

Looking back over his own childhood where he played outdoors a lot and enjoyed being active when it was fun and enjoyable.  Then onto adulthood, he sat behind a desk as a computer programmer and everything slowed down.  A lot of exercise is boring!

Several years ago he decided that was going to change, and that his increase in activity would work around modern constraints.  Primal Play became his focus.

Sometimes we want to make this more complicated then they need to be.  Where as in most cases the answer is simple.  Eat real food, be strong, move with brief intermittent periods of high intensity, integrate moderate activity into daily life and maintain long-term enjoyment of physical activity through play…

In this interview, Darryl takes us through his thoughts and how they translate into practice things we can do each day so that exercise is fun once more.

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