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Mark Moxom and Alain Braux chat with Chef Sean Sherman who after 27 in the trade took his chefs art in another direction. Now his main culinary focus is using “pre-reservation” indigenous knowledge to rediscover and utilise the “ancient pantry” of wild and traditionally cultivated foods and bring them back to the whole of the population of north america. Sean who is known in the trade as ’The Sioux Chef’, grew up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota which is where he first learnt about the traditional foods of the Plains, whether it was hunting animals like pronghorn antelope and grouse, or picking a favorite of his – chokecherries – for wojapi, a berry soup. In his late teens and away from home Sean worked his way up in the restaurant world to eventually become an executive chef at Minneapolis’ La Bodega in 2000. It was around this time that he had the idea to write a Lakota cookbook because the existing Native American cookbooks already on the market, he says were mostly focusing on the Southwest or simply made too many generalisations about food across regions and tribes. Sean though is keen to experiment with wild and indigenous flavor profiles and recreating and utilizing “ancient pantry” items,and he has been readying his own concept of Modern & Traditional Native American Foods of the Dakota, Lakota & Ojibwe to bring to the public. This year, he opened his business titled, “The Sioux Chef” as a caterer and food educator to the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. His most current passion revolves around providing catering, cooking classes, speeches and food demonstrations. Over the years Sean has built up a unique range of food producing contacts so he’s been able to source locally, organically and using many regional Native run businesses to bring the flavors of these traditional foods to the Minnesota region and beyond. This show features items on… Low carb Paleo Sean Sherman The Sioux Chef Low Carb Paleo Show Native American food And is good for people interested in Low carb Magazines Paleo Magazine low carb recipes paleo recipes.

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